Judy Klimek

Judy Klimek has always created her own path, done things her own way and has never shied away from designing true statement jewelry.  Designing for nearly 30 years her love of gemstones came at a young age.

Raised in Montana, surrounded by natural beauty – here is where her love of stones flourished.   At the age of five, Judy would search for intriguing rocks and stones around her hometown and polished them until they were shiny and vibrant.  If they lost their luster, she would use her mother’s nail polish to brighten them up again.

Twenty-two years later, Judy would fulfill her dream by enrolling at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in La Jolla, California.  She is now an accredited jewelry professional and gemologist

Judy Klimek has created an art form with her high-end gemstone necklaces and earrings.  Her first jewel-box showroom opened in downtown Laguna Beach in 2009 and has been featured in galleries and fashion houses all over the United States.

As of 2021, Judy has reinvented herself with new statement jewelry designs and a new direction for her company ­– instituting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Her passion will always be to deliver one-of-a-kind statement jewelry that is as unique as you are.

Our Gemstones and Materials

Judy’s jewelry production practices include small-batch and made-to-order as a modest but meaningful path to less-waste and sustainability.  Judy sometimes uses upcycled materials and hand-picked gemstones in small quantities to avoid depletion of natural resources.

Judy’s designs are created with .925 sterling silver, gold vermeil and a variety of high-quality metals.  This means our pieces are sturdy and plated to ensure longevity and affordability.

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